Hello, world. Today I finished Cress, the 3rd book in Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles.


(The French edition has a beautiful cover, by the way. Take a look before I go on.)

cress francais


What a whirlwind. A roller coaster in the form of a book. This 400+ pager could easily be compared to the Intimdator at Carowinds (a theme park in NC). It’s length makes it, well, slightly intimidating, and it’s extremely fast-paced, with plenty of twists and turns.

I love Cress. She’s incredibly sweet, one of my favorite fictional girls of all time. And besides that, she’s a computer genius, which is pretty cool.

And let’s not forget Carswell Thorne, who has made it onto the long list of fictional guys I would possibly marry. He’s so much like Jake Rosenbloom from The 39 Clues, I couldn’t help but love him. He’s so kind to Cress, even though he’s a bit vain and stubborn.

People nearly died in almost every chapter of this book. Parts came as a complete and total surprise, and the romance was phenomenal.

If you didn’t know, this series is a quartet of fairy-tale retellings. But it’s sci-fi. I didn’t really expect to love it, since sci-fi is not my genre. Sure, I like it every once in a while, but I prefer it in movies or TV shows. But this series is fantastic.

As I’ve said in my videos, I will not be reading Fairest, a side novel that tells the story of the villain. There’s some inappropriate stuff in it.

I’m anxious to read Winter, the conclusion to the series.

Love y’all!




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