Casting Captain Guinevere

So I finally finished the rough draft of the sequel to Captain Guinevere! At the end of this, I’ll have a poll asking which out of my two title options y’all prefer.

In honor of finishing the first draft, I’d like to attempt to dreamcast Captain Guinevere. Which is probably going to end up a little strange because a few of the actors I have in mind may or may not speak English. This is what happens when French musicals become some of your favorite things.

But for Gwen, I have to say either Jennifer Lawrence or Lily Collins.


Jennifer was an amazing Katniss and is just a great actress in general. I think she could really capture Gwen’s determination.

lily collins snow white

Lily Collins played Snow White in Mirror, Mirror, and with that black hair I think she looks very much like how I imagine Gwen. I’ve only seen her in one movie, but she did very well and I have a feeling she’d be able to capture Gwen’s loyalty and kindness as well as her fierce side.

For Ignatius, I have to go with Bradley James, who played Arthur in Merlin. 


Arthur and Ignatius seem to have a lot of similar traits. I just truly think Bradley James would capture Ignatius’s character well.

Veronica is difficult. I think Jennifer Lawrence could play Veronica very well, too. But I just don’t know.

And maybe that’s because she and my best friend have a lot in common, and it’s hard to picture Veronica on the big screen without my BFF playing her.

So if you’ve read Captain Guinevere, who do you think would make a good Veronica Mertray?

Isolde is also a challenge for me. She looks so young but is really hundreds of years old.

And then there’s the factor of her red hair.

Karen Gillan, maybe?

karen gillan

Florent is easy. I actually named him after the actor I’ve envisioned portraying him since I created him.

Florent Mothe. He’s a French singer and actor whose roles in Mozart l’Opera Rock and La Legende du Roi Arthur are amazing. In Mozart, he was Antonio Salieri, the villain. He did so well and I watch the musical just for Florent. As for Le Roi Arthur, he was King Arthur- the hero. So he can play both sides equally well.

Oh, and he sounds beautiful when he talks. In French, at least.


And here’s one of his songs that I can’t resist sharing. This is on his most recent album, Danser Sous La Pluie.

Aldric is on this list because he gets a much bigger role in the sequel. And I love him to death. He’s my favorite character for a multitude of reasons.

And here’s another French actor/singer, who was also in La Legende du Roi Arthur. As a villain, but still.


So this is a loose reference picture for Aldric, but all the same, I think Fabien Incardona could pull off Aldric very well.

Ok, for the poll…

Lady Gwen or Lady Guinevere for the title of the sequel?

I can’t really decide. Which do you prefer? Tell me in the comments!

Thank you all for reading!

If you’ve read Captain Guinevere, who would you cast as your favorite character?




Reader Relationships: Love At First Sight

Hey y’all! So today I’m starting a series of sorts. I want to talk about my personal relationships with books: plots, characters, writing, everything. 

If you’re interested in doing the same sort of post, go ahead, just please link back here. 😉

Today I’m going to talk about love at first sight- the books/characters I fell in love with from either the cover or the first chapter.

1. Entwined by Heather Dixon

I saw this cover in a review, and I loved it so much I immediately decided to read it. And if you’ve been here for a while (if not, welcome!) you know I’m irrevocably in love with this book. And the villain, Keeper. Also love at first sight. He has such nice… Fingers. (If you’ve read it, you’ll get that.)

That cover though. It’s beautiful. And I want that dress.

2. The Star-Touched Queen and A Crown of Wishes by Roshani Chokshi

So, TSTQ drew me in from both the stunning cover and the beautiful writing. 

And ACOW was the companion/sequel. I fell in love with that book even harder than TSTQ. And Vikram. I love him so much.

3. Ian Kabra from The 39 Clues by Various

The books had me hooked from the first chapter, but Ian. He is so snobby it’s hilarious and I just love him so so so much.

4. The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

Um, fairytales? In the future? Those stunning covers? Certainly love at first sight.

Although Cinder felt a little slow when I started, I still loved it the first time. And the second. 

And then there’s Kai. And Wolf. And Carswell Thorne. Carswell Thorne, who’s the most hilarious and charming criminal mastermind EVER. And Wolf is just so sweet and I really, really want to hug him. And Kai is this noble emperor that you simply want to root for. 

5. The Passion of Dolssa by Julie Berry

Medieval France was all I needed to know. The book is amazing, and it ended up breaking my heart, but it is hands down my favorite historical fiction novel.

What’s a love-at-first-sight relationship you’ve had with a book or character? Tell me in the comments!


Blogger Q&A Tag!

Hey folks! I was tagged by inkgirlandwords, who also created this tag.

How long have you been blogging?

Ummm… Let me think for just a second.

I started posting my school assignments on another blog, which is still up but private, three years ago. I started this one almost two years ago. My first post was December 2015.

Do you enjoy doing tags?

It depends on the tag, really. Book tags? All the time. When I was doing YouTube videos on a regular basis (something I need to get back into doing…), I was always afraid I’d overdo the book tags because they’re seriously so much fun.

Describe your blog in 5 words.

An author and her books.

How many posts have you written on this blog (excluding this tag)? 


On a scale of 1-10, how much do you enjoy blogging?

7 or 8. I love it, but there are still things I enjoy more. Like writing novels or reading. Or playing piano (one day I’m going to post a video of me playing. One of these days).

Blogs you enjoy reading?

These are probably my two favorites- the first combines Disney and books, the second has a little to do with books but is really a lifestyle blog.

Writing or reading blog posts?

Writing. I love reading them, too, but there’s just something I enjoy more about writing them.

I tag the two blogs mentioned above and you, if you’re a fellow blogger. 🙂

Thanks for reading!



To Dad


I love you so much. You’ve always been there for me. And I just want to take some time to say thank you.

Thank you for the end-of-year-dates and all the ice creams stops after church. Thanks for being utterly serious when you say that if someone hurts me, you’ll hunt them down. It makes me feel safe, and that’s important.

Thanks for listening to me play the piano and for asking me to when you would come home from work. Thanks for never missing a recital. Thanks for encouraging my writing and wanting to co-write with me. I can’t wait to start our novel.

Thank you for putting food on the table and cooking fabulous dishes. Thanks for the trips to Hawaii and all the amazing things we were able to do there. Thank you for the Christmas trips each year- memories are infinitely better than stuff. 

Thank you for always telling me that I’m beautiful. Thank you for letting me wear such a poofy dress to the Spring Formal (and for paying for half of it). Thanks for allowing me to slow dance this year. I promise it was “save-room-for-Jesus” dancing. 

And thanks for being totally cool with me having a crush on a guy I know and that actually exists. 

And thank you so much for not locking me up like Rapunzel, even though I know you want to. Thank you for letting me have my freedom.

Thank you for reading Emily Windsnap and Entwined. 

Thank you for nurturing my faith and sending me to camp every year. Faith is more important than anything.

Thank you for putting Dave Ramsey in my brain and teaching me how to handle money.

Thank you for everything. 

Je t’aime. 



Mid-Year Freakout Book Tag!

So I wasn’t tagged, but here goes anyway…

Best Book You’ve Read This Year

The entire Hunger Games trilogy. I can’t pick a favorite, I’ve decided. They are all just amazing.

Best Sequel This Year

A Crown of Wishes by Roshani Chokshi! So. Good. And the banter between Gauri and Vikram? Stunning.

New Release You Want to Read

When Dimple Met Rishi. I love the arranged marriage trope and this book just sounds so cute!

Most Anticipated Release of the Second Half of the Year

Renegades by Marissa Meyer. Marissa is one of my favorite authors; her books are just so good!

Biggest Disappointment of the Year

Caraval by Stephanie Garber. I was beyond excited to read this, and then it wasn’t half as good as I’d expected. I enjoyed it, but was still disappointed.

Biggest Surprise of the Year 

The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde. I knew I’d like it- a Victorian rom-com play? Of course it would be good. But I just loved it so much and it was so hilarious I laughed out loud multiple times.

Favorite New/New to You Author

Suzanne Collins. I’d never read one of her books before and The Hunger Games is just so fantastic. 

Newest Fictional Crush

Probably the hardest question in this tag, lol. But lately, Vikram from A Crown of Wishes, Peeta from The Hunger Games, and I think I’m slowly falling for Magnus from Falling Kingdoms. Slowly. 

Newest Favorite Character

Outside of the amazing characters in THG (I’m kinda obsessed, if you haven’t noticed), I really like Jane from Jane Eyre, Cleo from Falling Kingdoms, and Algernon from The Importance of Being Earnest. And Gauri from A Crown of Wishes. That spunk!

A Book that Made You Cry 

I haven’t shed many tears over books this year, surprisingly. But Mockingjay… And the movies for that book make me cry every time. Especially Part 2. I sob for so many reasons.

Favorite Book-to-Film Adaptation You’ve Seen This Year

Catching Fire. That movie stuns me every time I watch it. It’s just so well done! (And Everlark sails, so….)

Favorite Post You’ve Written This Year

You Know You’re a Book Nerd When… was tons of fun.

Most Beautiful Book You’ve Bought This Year

I read it for the first time last year, but bought and re-read it this year. And although the cover is strikingly beautiful in its own way, since reading it a second time I’ve come to see the beauty of the words inside it.

It is The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

A Book You Need to Read by the End of the Year

Well, for starters, the third book in the Black Widow series needs a title and a release date so I can pre-order it and figure out what on earth is going on with that cliffhanger. 

But I’d say Roshani Chokshi’s ebook novella, Death and Night. Roshani writes so beautifully and this is a prequel to The Star-Touched Queen, which is one of my favorotes.

I Tag:


A Pretty Story

Thanks for reading!

What’s the best book you’ve read this year?


May Wrap-Up

How is it June already?

Anyway, May wasn’t my best month for reading. It was mostly nonfiction, not that that’s a bad thing. I did enjoy them regardless. But here’s what I read in May.

1. The Math Myth by Andrew Hacker

Best. Nonfiction. Book. Ever. Seriously. Every single person alive needs to read this, especially if you hate math. A must-read. 5/5 stars.

2. The Alchemyst by Michael Scott

A re-read. This is the start to an amazing series that I love. If you’re fond of mythology, this is a perfect fit.

3. Tomatoland by Barry Estabrook

No more Walmart produce for Clara. This is perhaps the most eye-opening book I have ever read, and it’s one every American ought to read. Fascinating and disturbing, it was a great read. 4/5 stars,
4. QBQ! by John G. Miller

Good ideas, but not overly interesting. Yes, it’s got good content, it just didn’t grip me like the previous books. 3/5 stars.

5. Empress of a Thousand Skies by Rhoda Belleza

Didn’t finish it. DNF. I really, truly wanted to love it. 2/5 stars.

6. Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes

Um, amazing. Loved it. 4.5/5 stars.

There we go! An okay month of reading. 

What did y’all love reading in May?


Falling Kingdoms

Where has this book been my whole life?

So. Good. Seriously. Amazing. 

After the disappointment of Empress of a Thousand Skies, it seems I found what I was searching for. Been searching for for months, really.

Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes. 


In case you can’t tell, I loved it. So much.

I was intrigued by the prologue. Despite the first chapter feeling a little slow, the book quickly picked up and really got good.

And the world. I’ve been craving a good medieval-style fantasy world for ages, and I finally found one I love. The magic system was fascinating, leaving plenty of room for expansion in the rest of the series. Falling Kingdoms had very nearly everything I could want from a fantasy novel.

It’s length was perfect, just over 400 pages (although I hope for the books to get increasingly larger). I’ve already touched on the world and magic system. It had a plot driven by politics, yet the politicalness (is that a word?) was handled spectacularly. The characters were handled well and were far from flawless. That’s what makes them so real, isn’t it? 

And what I loved the most was the way the book really did force you to choose a side. It was unique, to say the least. 

All-in-all, 4.5 stars. I loved it. Falling Kingdoms wasn’t one of the best I’ve ever read, but it was a high fantasy I would certainly recommend.