i asked my instagram followers for blog post ideas and here’s what happened.

How’s everyone doing with the quarantine? I know there’s a lot of bad stuff going on, but there’s still so much to be grateful for. Try to find the positive in every day :).

So yesterday I decided to ask my Instagram followers for blog post ideas, because I have none of my own at the moment. Today’s post is going to be different from anything I’ve ever posted because I…wanna (briefly) talk about what was suggested. For the fun of it. We’re all bored and stuck at home anyway so whyever not.

Suggestion #1: My friend Elise. 

Elise is affectionately known as the editing centaur. She was a key part of the Lady Gwen editing process and requested she be put in the book as a centaur. It never happened, but she got a cool nickname out of the ordeal. She’s an absolutely wonderful friend with an amazing talent for writing and I cannot wait for her books to be out in the world.

Suggestion #2: Frogs. 

The majority of my cousins are from the country. As such, they spend a lot of time in nature. I, a true city girl, do not like being outside all that much.

One time we had a family reunion. There were frogs. Some of my cousins decided to pick up the frogs and chase me with them. It was not fun.

Suggestion #4: Nikolai (either the one from my book or the actual, real life one).

Anyone who’s read my NaNoWriMo posts from years past knows about The Nikolai Project, which is the book I consider to be my baby. Basically one of the main characters is Prince Nikolai, who I would marry in a heartbeat. He’s kind of the love of my life.

Well, apparently, there is a real Prince Nikolai in the world? He’s the prince of Denmark. And I think it’s hilarious that I found out about him literally two days after telling my mom I just needed to marry my Prince Nikolai.

Suggestion #5: Starbucks

I’m pretty sure this was suggested because I’ve been working at Starbucks for about 6 months now. It’s a pretty amazing job and I love it so much. My coworkers are the absolute best, and the free drinks are pretty great.

And because everyone always asks, my favorite drinks to get are the Coconut Milk Latte with Blonde Espresso, the Matcha Lemonade, and the Pink Drink. Also the Cold Brew with Salted Cream Cold Foam is pretty great if you don’t mind dairy.

Suggestion #6: Ways to Keep Busy During the Quarantine

-read your Bible (seriously. spend time in God’s word. it’ll draw you closer to Him and make you feel better about literally everything.)
-skype/zoom/text/call your friends and family (just because we can’t meet in person doesn’t mean we have to stop talking to each other)
-games! (now is the time to play full-length monopoly, or, if you’re really brave, pull out risk.)
-write a book
-learn a new language
-read those books you’ve been meaning to get to for years
-if you’re a musical theatre nerd, your living room is the perfect place to perform hamilton all by yourself. i’m just saying.
-it’s not as much fun, but you could always clean.
-cook something interesting

I’ve spent a lot of time learning about the Enneagram too and it’s super interesting so I’d also suggest looking into that.

Thanks for reading my randomness; I know it was different but I hope you enjoyed it. With this whole quarantine thing going on, I may start blogging a little more as inspiration hits.

Seriously though, if you know your Enneagram type, let me know what it is in the comments. I’m super interested in this stuff. 

Thanks again and I’ll talk to you soon!


One thought on “i asked my instagram followers for blog post ideas and here’s what happened.

  1. Hello, I hope you’re doing well in all this craziness! I just looked up this Enneagram thing and took a lil test and it looks like I’m type 1, The Perfectionist 🙂

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