Here’s How I Started my Year…

Hi. It’s been a while. Sorry about that…

I had, to say the least, a crazy start to my year. I had my birthday at the beginning of the month, and that was interesting- my whole family woke up to no running water and we didn’t have any for 11 days. That was fun. During that time I had tech week for another show and have been performing every couple of weeks. And school started. So things have been a little insane for me lately.

But on a better note, I’ve been editing Lady Gwen and I have been reading some more. I finished Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali (and everyone in America needs to read it; it is extremely important) and also read An Enchantment of Ravens (review coming soon). For my British literature class, we read Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen. Currently, I’m reading Beautiful Creatures, but I’m not far enough along to tell if I like it or not.

That’s just a little update on where I’ve been for a month; hopefully I’ll have another post up within the next few days!

How has your month been?