Reading in a Second Language

A week or so ago, I finished reading one of my favorite books, The Hunger Games. In French. And it was such a joy to read.
I love French. It’s always been my favorite language, although I’ve never been able to say exactly why. I think it’s that smooth sound to it. And France has the best musicals, no question.

So reading The Hunger Games in my second language was just as amazing as it was in English. There was something different about it, something that made the story even more beautiful. 

I know the series is violent, and depressing at times- but it is one of the most beautiful stories. The way it shows that standing up for what’s right isn’t easy is brutally honest. Yet it inspires bravery.

So reading the first book made it even more beautiful and inspiring. 

If you speak or are learning another language, pick up a copy of one of your favorite books in that language. See how incredibly wonderful it is. You won’t regret it. 


I. Need. The. Sequel.

Hello there, people. 

I just finished a book that has quite possibly the most baffling ending I’ve read in, oh, my entire life.

That book is Black Widow: Red Vengeance.

And what, in the name of all that is mahogany (anyone get my reference?), was that ending?! I am so baffled.

It was a fantastic book, anyway. It was great to be back with Natasha and Ava. But the ending was just so unexpected.

And there’s not even talk of a third book. Honestly, Marvel can give us titles for movies that come out in 2019, but they can’t tell us when we’ll get an answer to the question “what does this girl mean?”. And I’m still not over the fact that they cut Thor’s hair.

But anyway. It was an awesome book, though I think the first was better. 

(Me at the end)

(Effie GIFS are marvelous)


A Crown of Wishes Sugar Scrub Recipe

Hey y’all! In yesterday’s video I shared a DIY sugar scrub, so here’s the recipe! It’s super easy.

You will need:

  • 1/2 Cup Sugar 
  • 1/2 Coconut Oil
  • Purple and Green food dyes
  • Brewed Chai Tea
  • Dry Chai Leaves
  1. Melt the coconut oil in the microwave. Combine half of the coconut oil with half of the sugar (1/4 cup) in a bowl. You may need to add a little more of one ingredient to get it to the desired wetness. Combine the rest of the sugar and oil in another bowl.
  2. Add the food dyes, purple in one mixture, green in the other, and stir. If desiring a darker shade, continue to add color.
  3. Stir in a tiny bit of the brewed tea.
  4. Layer the two colors in a mason jar, alternating green and purple.
  5. Sprinkle the dry chai leaves on top.
  6. Done!

That’s it!

0419171520 -C.B.

The Lunar Chronicles Tag!

(Told you there really wouldn’t be changes to the blog, and I can’t resist a good tag, anyway.)

So, The Lunar Chronicles. Still one of my favorite series of all time. My OTP remains to be Wolflet. This tag was created by Candy Pencil and you can see her video here.

Without further adieu, here we go!

#1: Favorite character(s)? 

Hmmm… To be completely honest, Carswell Thorne is probably my favorite. He is just so hilarious that it’s impossible not to love him. And I did seriously name my phone Carswell. (Is it weird that I call him by his first name?)
#2: Favorite ship?

WOLFLET!!! OTP, y’all. Forever and always.

wolf quote

(That’s not mine, BTW. But I adore the quote so much.)
#3: Favorite book?

Winter. It was stunning. Absolutely stunning. I swooned a million times. And screamed at it. (More than I swooned, come to think of it.)

I actually did a 5-part vlog series while reading it. I look like death warmed over in most of them, and don’t watch it if you haven’t read it. SPOILERS.

#4: Favorite cover?

All of them. There. I can’t pick just one.
#5: Favorite story that the 4 are based on?

Eep! Umm… Rapunzel. But Scarlet has Beauty and the Beast influences, and that’s another favorite fairy tale. I love all of them.
#6: Which character inspired you most?

Winter. She stood up for her beliefs, no matter what she was facing- and that’s something I need to see in YA, especially as a Christian.
#7: Which character do you most resemble?

Cress. She’s such a fangirl, and so am I.
#8: Have you read Heartless by Marissa Meyer?

Yes!!! And it is so good

All righty! That’s it! Thanks for reading!

-C ❤