The Grisha Trilogy, or the fandom I have now plunged into head-first

I did it. I read The Grisha Trilogy.

I’ve been wanting to read Leigh Bardugo’s books for a long time but just got around to it last week. I started Shadow and Bone last Saturday or so and I finished Ruin and Rising today. As I write this, Six of Crows is beside me, waiting to be read.

In short, I am officially a fan of Leigh Bardugo.

Non-Spoiler, Very Brief Series Review:

For starters, I absolutely adore her characters. If you’ve been here long, you probably know by now that characters are the single most important thing in a book for me personally. Bardugo did not disappoint. Alina is awesome; her development felt natural and was handled very well. Nikolai is honestly my favorite character I’ve read in a long time and you bet I’ll be reading King of Scars just because I’m mildly in love with him. And I’ll admit it, I might be just slightly in love with the Darkling, despite everything he did. I liked Mal, too, but not as much as I did the others.

Bardugo’s plot was fascinating and she beautifully executed the politics that came with it, especially in books 2 and 3, and her world building is magnificent. Ravka is the most excellently crafted world I’ve read since the InkHeart Trilogy.

As wonderful as the trilogy is (if you haven’t read it you really should), I really didn’t like the ending. I can’t say too much about it without spoilers, but it did frustrate me in more ways than one.

However, as a whole, The Grisha Trilogy is worth a read. It’s fast-paced and none of them get crazy long if that’s a concern for you.

Shadow and Bone– 5 stars

Siege and Storm– 5 stars

Ruin and Rising– 4 stars

Spoilery Stuff:

As much as I hate the Darkling at moments I am not going to deny that he is extremely interesting and, to an unfortunate degree, attractive.

But Nikolai is the man. He is actually Jack Sparrow but 10000x better. I love him.

But the ending? The romance part of the ending? No. Just no. To be honest, that’s what bothered me the most. Mal and Alina had far less chemistry than Nikolina or even Alarkling, so the fact that they ended up together doesn’t sit real well with me. It was too obvious and just a bit boring to me.

I also think Mal was very conveniently resurrected without a decent explanation- to my knowledge, Corporalnik can’t raise people from the dead yet it somehow happened with Mal? It just really didn’t work for me– if he was going to die he needed to stay dead. And I say that as someone who didn’t want him to die at all.

I was hoping Nikolina would happen in King of Scars before I finished Ruin and Rising but alas, I have no hope of that.

But despite the ending, this series was amazing and I am so excited to read Leigh’s other books!


Have you read The Grisha Trilogy? What do you think? 


3 thoughts on “The Grisha Trilogy, or the fandom I have now plunged into head-first

  1. I’ve read “Shadow and Bone” and a bit of “Siege and Storm,” but the series wasn’t my cup of tea. 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed it, though! And I can’t wait to see your thoughts on “Six of Crows”; that’s a good one!

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