Lady Gwen Cover Reveal!

Hello! I am so excited to finally be writing this post!

If you’re new here (welcome!), I’m the author of Captain Guinevere and have been working on the sequel for quite some time now. I had hoped to release its sequel, titled Lady Gwen, last November, but this book has really been difficult and that didn’t happen. But today I’m sharing the cover with you all!

This book has been a hard one; middles are notoriously difficult and I have to agree, but once this one’s done I can move on to the end and I am seriously looking forward to all the drama that will go down in that one.

But without further adieu…

Lady Gwen_300dpi

I worked with the lovely Rebecca Treadway ( again on the cover and I love it! I’m so excited to have my two leading men there. Aldric (the dark-haired one) was actually based on one of my fellow cast members- I officially introduced myself after my mom asked him to model so that was interesting.

Lady Gwen will release in April and I will let you all know the exact date as soon as I figure that out.

Have you read Captain Guinevere? What do you think of the cover?


5 thoughts on “Lady Gwen Cover Reveal!

  1. Not to be negative or anything, but the two male characters in the back look like 3D models. Is that just how it came out on the website? Does it look different on the book?

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