The Cake Book Tag

Hello y’all! Lauren tagged me to do the Cake Book Tag! (I can’t find the creator anywhere…)

Also, I stole the gifs from Lauren’s post because they’re lovely.

Chocolate Cake: A dark book you absolutely love. 

chocolate cake


Yes, Heartless starts out very light and whimsical… But it gets gradually darker. And the ending is rather depressing, really. Marissa did amazingly with this book and I’m super excited for her next book, Renegades!

Vanilla Cake: A Light Read

vanilla cake

two summers

I absolutely loved Two Summers it was light and adorable and the perfect contemporary summer read. And the French setting made it all the more amazing.

Red Velvet: A Book that Gave you Mixed Emotions

red velvet


Seeker was good. It was interesting and I liked the characters for the most part, but there were a lot of things I didn’t like, too.

Cheesecake: A Book You’d Recommend to Everyone



Even if you don’t like reading, this series will not bore you. Honestly, it never stops being amazing. It’s got a tense, gripping plot and some of the most memorable characters to ever grace the world of YA fiction.

Coffee Cake: A Book you Started but Never Finished

coffee cake

red queen 2

I just could not get through Red QueenJust no. It felt like a bad Hunger Games knockoff to me and I found Mare extremely whiny.

Carrot Cake: A Book with Great Writing

(This gif won’t work for me…)

I could rave about Roshani’s writing for ages. It’s just plain gorgeous! She uses the most elegant words. And don’t get me started on the way she describes food…

Tiramisu: A Book that Left You Wanting More


(Now I’m hungry. I adore tiramisu.)


I really enjoyed this duology (thanks to Khalid, my love), but there were a lot of loose ends in this one that left me needing answers that I didn’t get.

Cupcakes: A Series with 4+ Books


the alcemyst

I don’t talk about this series enough! It’s absolutely fantastic and very hard to put down.

Fruitcake: A Book that wasn’t what you Anticipated

fruit cake


Reached, specifically. I was expecting a lot of fighting and suspense, but it really didn’t have it. I did enjoy this series, however, book three just wasn’t what I’d expected it to be.

I tag:


What’s a book that left you wanting more? What’s your favorite type of cake? 



12 thoughts on “The Cake Book Tag

  1. Thanks so much for posting this tag and linking me to your answers! I love all the answers you gave and I feel kind of terrible I haven’t read anything by Marisa Meyer! Cinder has been on my bookshelf for over a year!

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