The Fashion Book Tag (Original)

Hey y’all!

So my love for fashion has recently been revived (not that it ever really went away) and I looked for a fashion-themed tag and couldn’t find one, so I decided to create one.

1. The Good Old Pair of Jeans: A book you could read over and over and never get tired of


For me, that’s Tolkien’s The Hobbit. I’m currently rereading it for the third time and it’s again got me lost in its beautiful tale.

2. The Little Black Dress: A classic you think everyone should read


F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. It’s short, so it doesn’t take a long time to read, and the story inside it is amazing and carries a lesson we all need.

3. The Band T-Shirt: Your favorite book/series with a fairly large fandom


The Hunger Games is my favorite series. I absolutely love it.

But The Lunar Chronicles is a close second.

4. The Pair of Shorts: A book that’s short and easy to read.

jean shorts

Again, I’ve got two answers:

What Light by Jay Asher is the perfect short read for the holiday season, and Aimee Friedman’s Two Summers is great for summer, or that particular part of winter when all you want is warm weather.

5. The Sarcastic Tank-Top: The character who makes the sassiest comments

sarcastic tank top

You’ll never be able to guess this answer, ever. 

Carswell Thorne. Hands-down, no-question.

6. The Evening Gown: The book with the prettiest cover

cinderella gown
I have that dress; I wore it to my spring formal and my annual end-of-school-year date with my dad, and it’s my favorite piece of clothing I own. I feel like a princess in it.

entwined cover

I adore that book’s cover- and everything on the inside.

7. High Heels: A book you love, but reading it caused you pain


Every single book I’ve ever read has caused me some sort of emotional pain.

A book I love that caused me pain? Mockingjay. Black Widow: Forever Red. Gone With the Wind. I can’t pick just one.

8. Jewelry: A trope that can either make or break a book.

Love triangles. Sometimes I love them, other times I find them unnecessary.

9. The Comfy Sweater: A book that makes you feel cozy

cozy sweater

Pride and Prejudice always gives me that warm and cozy feeling, whether it’s the book, movie, or 90’s TV series.

10. Runway Clothes: A book that surprised you, either in a good way or a bad way

alexander mcqueen dress
Alexander McQueen

Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott was a bad surprise- I thought I’d love it but ended up highly disliking it.

However, my recent read Audrey Hepburn, An Elegant Spirit by Sean Hepburn-Ferrer was fantastic. It remains the only non-fiction book to ever make me cry.

11. Fashion: The best-dressed fictional character

effie peplum dress

Effie Trinket. I love love love her clothes.

I tag:

Dani @PerspectiveofaWriter

Lauren @CommaHangover

And anybody else who wants to do this tag!

Thanks for reading!


10 thoughts on “The Fashion Book Tag (Original)

  1. Hahah such a fun tag! I’m gonna do this tooo!
    On a second note, The Great Gatsby is in my literature course so I’m gonna read it this semester. And aah I feel like pride and prejudice is the one classic everyone should read.

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