My Second DNF of the Summer… Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard (Spoilers)

Hello y’all.

I decided to do it- DNF a book with a large, loyal fan base. Red Queen. 

So many people love this series, including my brother and a friend of mine. I’d heard mixed reviews. Some said it was great, others said it was full of clichés. I have to agree with the latter.

The plotline is interesting- a country divided by blood- but I couldn’t get into it. To be honest, it felt like a bad Hunger Games knockoff. And I love THG. 

Mare. Where to begin with her? To be frank, she was just so incredibly whiny. Ok, Katniss is, too, but at least she was still actively doing something. I wanted to scream at Mare Barrow a million times and tell her to get over herself and do something. Her powers were cool, but seriously. I just didn’t like her. At all.

And everyone else just fell flat. I didn’t have a crush on Cal or Maven (and I know Maven is supposed to be some evil genius, but I didn’t get that far), like I thought I would. 

I was interested towards the beginning, when my favorite trope was brought in (the whole arranged-marriage thing), but eventually I just got bored. And maybe that was due to the lack of interest I had in the characters.

It was hard to DNF this, because I know so many people love it and I wanted to at least know what they’re talking about, but I don’t see why I should force myself to finish a book I’m not enjoying. 

Have you read Red Queen? Did you love it? Hate it? Tell me in the comments!


8 thoughts on “My Second DNF of the Summer… Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard (Spoilers)

  1. So much yes, Clara. I felt the same exact way about this series. I just felt so disinterested in all of it. Its middle part is bogged down by a little of boring parts. The ending did get a bit interesting, though. Wonderful review, and sad it was a dnf! 😦 Hope your next book is better!

  2. OMG OMG OMG I don’t blame you if you have dnf-ed it. It was like a normal read for me, too (not as bad as dnf though) you can check out my review on my page!!!
    But ugh yes I hated Mare. HATED. She was so damn annoying. And I honestly hated whatever the author was trying to force between Cal and Mare

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