Reader Relationships: Hate-to-Love

Ah, my favorite trope in all of fiction. I know, it’s probably cliché, but I absolutely love it when two people hate each other and then fall in love. 

This has happened to me with both characters and whole books, and today I want to share with you guys my personal hate-to-love stories.

1. The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins

Ok, I was hooked from chapter one. But when I was younger I was utterly disgusted and horrified by the premise. I’ve always disliked the whole gladiators thing- in history I always detest the sections devoted to Rome. So the whole kids-killing-kids thing really horrified me. 

Now that I’ve actually read it, I am completely obsessed. With the books, that is. 

2. Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

More like love-to-hate-to-love. 

I heard it was romantic so I picked it up (I know, I’m hopeless). And I got into it before deciding it was boring. It was boring for nearly 300 pages. And then it was amazing for the rest of the book. 

3. Jake Rosenbloom from The 39 Clues: Cahills vs. Vespers by Various

Oh, Jake. My darling. 

He was such a jerk in the beginning. I could not stand him. Until he started to fall for the person I won’t name because of spoilers, that is. To be honest, I’d probably marry Jake now. You know, if he was real.

4. Magnus Damora from the Falling Kingdoms series by Morgan Rhodes

I hated Magnus. I really did. He was just too dark and brooding and with his father being so evil, I just couldn’t like him at all.

But now? Um, Magnus is my darling, ok? I love him. So much. And yes, he’s still dark and brooding but ever since that “only light I can see anymore” speech, I’ve fallen in love with him. He’s become infinitely more human since (*spoilers here*) his arranged marriage.

Have you gone from hating to loving a book or character?


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