Casting Captain Guinevere

So I finally finished the rough draft of the sequel to Captain Guinevere! At the end of this, I’ll have a poll asking which out of my two title options y’all prefer.

In honor of finishing the first draft, I’d like to attempt to dreamcast Captain Guinevere. Which is probably going to end up a little strange because a few of the actors I have in mind may or may not speak English. This is what happens when French musicals become some of your favorite things.

But for Gwen, I have to say either Jennifer Lawrence or Lily Collins.


Jennifer was an amazing Katniss and is just a great actress in general. I think she could really capture Gwen’s determination.

lily collins snow white

Lily Collins played Snow White in Mirror, Mirror, and with that black hair I think she looks very much like how I imagine Gwen. I’ve only seen her in one movie, but she did very well and I have a feeling she’d be able to capture Gwen’s loyalty and kindness as well as her fierce side.

For Ignatius, I have to go with Bradley James, who played Arthur in Merlin. 


Arthur and Ignatius seem to have a lot of similar traits. I just truly think Bradley James would capture Ignatius’s character well.

Veronica is difficult. I think Jennifer Lawrence could play Veronica very well, too. But I just don’t know.

And maybe that’s because she and my best friend have a lot in common, and it’s hard to picture Veronica on the big screen without my BFF playing her.

So if you’ve read Captain Guinevere, who do you think would make a good Veronica Mertray?

Isolde is also a challenge for me. She looks so young but is really hundreds of years old.

And then there’s the factor of her red hair.

Karen Gillan, maybe?

karen gillan

Florent is easy. I actually named him after the actor I’ve envisioned portraying him since I created him.

Florent Mothe. He’s a French singer and actor whose roles in Mozart l’Opera Rock and La Legende du Roi Arthur are amazing. In Mozart, he was Antonio Salieri, the villain. He did so well and I watch the musical just for Florent. As for Le Roi Arthur, he was King Arthur- the hero. So he can play both sides equally well.

Oh, and he sounds beautiful when he talks. In French, at least.


And here’s one of his songs that I can’t resist sharing. This is on his most recent album, Danser Sous La Pluie.

Aldric is on this list because he gets a much bigger role in the sequel. And I love him to death. He’s my favorite character for a multitude of reasons.

And here’s another French actor/singer, who was also in La Legende du Roi Arthur. As a villain, but still.


So this is a loose reference picture for Aldric, but all the same, I think Fabien Incardona could pull off Aldric very well.

Ok, for the poll…

Lady Gwen or Lady Guinevere for the title of the sequel?

I can’t really decide. Which do you prefer? Tell me in the comments!

Thank you all for reading!

If you’ve read Captain Guinevere, who would you cast as your favorite character?




5 thoughts on “Casting Captain Guinevere

  1. I would prefer Lady Guinevere. Because of Captain Guinevere and then Lady Guinevere. It would be very lyrical and I think that’s what I would prefer. But its up to you in the end. Hope this comment made sense XD Hmmm Veronica is personally my fave and I am stuck too, probably because I don’t know that many actors. XD Nothing comes to mind at the moment.

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