To Dad


I love you so much. You’ve always been there for me. And I just want to take some time to say thank you.

Thank you for the end-of-year-dates and all the ice creams stops after church. Thanks for being utterly serious when you say that if someone hurts me, you’ll hunt them down. It makes me feel safe, and that’s important.

Thanks for listening to me play the piano and for asking me to when you would come home from work. Thanks for never missing a recital. Thanks for encouraging my writing and wanting to co-write with me. I can’t wait to start our novel.

Thank you for putting food on the table and cooking fabulous dishes. Thanks for the trips to Hawaii and all the amazing things we were able to do there. Thank you for the Christmas trips each year- memories are infinitely better than stuff. 

Thank you for always telling me that I’m beautiful. Thank you for letting me wear such a poofy dress to the Spring Formal (and for paying for half of it). Thanks for allowing me to slow dance this year. I promise it was “save-room-for-Jesus” dancing. 

And thanks for being totally cool with me having a crush on a guy I know and that actually exists. 

And thank you so much for not locking me up like Rapunzel, even though I know you want to. Thank you for letting me have my freedom.

Thank you for reading Emily Windsnap and Entwined. 

Thank you for nurturing my faith and sending me to camp every year. Faith is more important than anything.

Thank you for putting Dave Ramsey in my brain and teaching me how to handle money.

Thank you for everything. 

Je t’aime. 



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