You Know You’re A Book Nerd When…

1. You read books in one sitting.

(Not certain I’ve ever really done this, actually. Maybe once or twice.)

2. You have a book quote/reference for almost every situation.

(Believe me, Hunger Games references are a daily occurence.)

3. You’re packing, and you spend more time deciding which book to bring than what clothes to bring.

(This is me today. I decided on Mockingjay. I’m in the mood for rereading it. Maybe it won’t be such a blur the second time.)

4. You name everything after fictional people.

(My phone’s name is Carswell. As in Carswell Thorne.)

5. You cry your eyes out over characters.

(Spoilers. But yes. I sob.)

6. You cry because a series is over.

(I’m pretty sure part of the reason Mockingjay Part 2 had me bawling was because it was over.)

7. Pretty much everything you enjoy relates to books in some manner.


8. There are piles of books everywhere in your room.

(Also true.)

9. You love reorganizing bookshelves… But nothing else.

(Basically. But I do occasionally like organizing my room.)

10. You’re reading and want to scream when people interrupt you.

(Yeah. Especially the books I don’t want to put down, because I have to know what happens.)

11. All your backgrounds (phone, computer, etc.) are quotes from books.

(All Hunger Games for me.)

12. You tell everyone to read your favorite book.

(And some people have read Entwined because I may have told them to.)

13. You can quote all your favorite character’s lines in the movie adaptation.

(I run around yelling “that is MAHOGANY” at everything.)

14. Your family members are nearly begging you to shut up about that great series you just finished, because the references just come out. All the time.

(My brother is sick of The Hunger Games.)

15. You call people nicknames that are related to books.

(I call everyone “sweetheart” because of Haymitch.)

How many apply to you? What’s another sign of being a total book nerd?



9 thoughts on “You Know You’re A Book Nerd When…

  1. OMG ALL OF THESE ARE SO ACCURATE FOR ME! I cry about books allthe time, I read books in one sitting all the time (well I used, not so much anymore), I am all like “what books am I going to take?” and my family is like huh. I love staring at my bookshelf and brushing my fingertips over the spines of the books very dramatically! Oh Btw I BOUGHT YOUR BOOK! It came like an hour ago but I haven’t read it yet. (duh) but I will soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited!

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