To Mom

Dear Mom,

I love you. Je t’aime. And there are a million things to thank you for.

Thanks for three meals a day, even when we don’t have much in the house. I know how much you hate grocery shopping; it’s okay. 😉 

Thanks for cooking even though you don’t enjoy it. 

Thanks for reading The Hunger Games and not letting me read it when I was 10- it wouldn’t have sat well with me, and you knew that. Thanks for reading The Wrath and the Dawn, then The Rose and the Dagger. Thanks for sticking with the latter even when the plot holes drove you crazy, because you knew I wanted to know what happened to Shazi and Khalid. Thanks for letting me fangirl and not calling me crazy for having so many crushes that don’t even exist in the real world.

Thanks for answering my questions about life in general, for crawling into bed with me at midnight because I finally admitted I had a crush on a living, breathing boy that’s actually real. Thanks for sharing my excitement when I found out that he likes me, too. 

Thank you so much for turning me into a princess for my first formal dance. I never could have done it myself. Thanks for sitting in the truck’s back seat and laughing at how much room the dress took up. Thanks for letting me wear something so incredibly poofy. 

Thank you so so so much for your encouragement when it comes to writing. Thank you for being an amazing editor for Captain Guinevere, and for listening when I had ideas for the sequel. Thanks for being just as excited as I was when it was published. 

Thanks for not caring when my piano sounds awful because it’s driving me crazy that I just can’t get those notes right. Thanks for bragging about me and showing everyone the video of me at my recital. Thanks for keeping the secret about the song I’m learning for Dad. And for buying me sheet music books. And for the lessons that have let me grow.

Thanks for letting me have time alone and for telling Asa to stop being annoying. Thanks for letting me keep my room cluttered; I really do love walking in and seeing piles of books and notebooks all over the place. Thanks for teasing me about the three notebooks packed with my clothes…just in case. 

Thanks for being supportive in every way. Thank you for nurturing my faith and for the “sermon of the day”s. I still think you should have been a preacher at an all-women congregation. Thanks for celebrating my spiritual birthday and going through study books with me. 

Thanks for letting me cry over fictional people. Thanks for drinking the tea I make you. Thanks for taking me to library events. Thanks for letting me walk out of the house in Effie Trinket fashion and not getting onto me when I yell “that is MAHOGANY” at everything. Thanks for being the best mom I could wish for.

Love you to the moon and back a million times,


P.S. I know, you love me more. I won’t argue that.

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