Storms- A Little Bit of Writing

I wrote this late at night on a youth group trip at the end of February and decided to post it. We were in the mountains and it was storming, hard.


The girls giggle and chat as I lay there, patiently waiting for sleep. There’s a storm setting in.

Thunder rumbles outside, soft, but gradually getting louder. Lighting brightens the night in quick, fleeting flashes.

Normally, I hate storms, but this one is beautiful. Maybe it’s the mountain air. There’s something that makes me anticipate the first loud boom of thunder, the bright flash of lightning that’s followed by the sound of rain coming down in sheets.

The cabin’s loft is the perfect place to watch. From here, I can see through the large windows that form a wall.

When the storm picks up, there aren’t words to describe how marvelous it is.


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