Writing Bucket List: Retellings

(I’m writing this with fake nails that I am so not used to, so please forgive any typos…)

There are so many book ideas I really want to chase one of these days. Writing down goals helps you accomplish them, so I decided to do this. I may never write all of these; I may trash some of these ideas. But here are some books that I want to write one of these days. These are all retellings. I might consider a follow-up post that tells you a little bit about my other projects. Maybe. When the Gwendolyn trilogy is finished.
Beauty and the Beast: This has always been one of my favorite fairy tales and I think you can do a ton with this.

Rapunzel: Another favorite story. I expect it to be somewhat difficult, since I don’t see it having as much potential as others, but I know that if the right idea comes, I’ll chase it.

The Count of Monte Cristo: This book will be really, really long. Probably a life-long project. But it’s tied with The Great Gatsby for favorite classic.

The Great Gatsby: Again, a favorite classic that also has some great potential for a retelling. It’ll probably get smacked in Riverey somewhere.

Gone with the Wind: Another super long one. Maybe I’ll give it a happy ending, or maybe I’ll let someone else write the sequel, like Margaret Mitchell did.

I adore retellings. They’re some of my favorite books to read, and I’ve written a (kinda) short retelling of Cupid and Psyche that was such a blast. I submitted it to a contest back a couple months ago. Perhaps I’ll post a little sampling of it one day.

That’s all for today; I’ll have a video up soon. 🙂




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