Reading in a Second Language

A week or so ago, I finished reading one of my favorite books, The Hunger Games. In French. And it was such a joy to read.
I love French. It’s always been my favorite language, although I’ve never been able to say exactly why. I think it’s that smooth sound to it. And France has the best musicals, no question.

So reading The Hunger Games in my second language was just as amazing as it was in English. There was something different about it, something that made the story even more beautiful. 

I know the series is violent, and depressing at times- but it is one of the most beautiful stories. The way it shows that standing up for what’s right isn’t easy is brutally honest. Yet it inspires bravery.

So reading the first book made it even more beautiful and inspiring. 

If you speak or are learning another language, pick up a copy of one of your favorite books in that language. See how incredibly wonderful it is. You won’t regret it. 


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