Announcement- My Channel is Changing

My YouTube channel is going to be changing as of April 1st. It’ll still be a BookTube, but it’s going to be a different sort of BookTube- a book-inspired fashion channel.

Friday’s Katniss outfit video was such a blast to film and decided what I was going to do with this channel. I want it to grow and be amazing, and to do that, I feel the need for a specific niche. I’ve always loved fashion, and, as y’all know, books. So combining the two just works for me, and I get super excited thinking about the possibilities for this idea.

The blog is still going to be pretty much the same. I’ll still be doing reviews, tags, etc. In addition to what I currently do, I’ll be posting the video for each bookish outfit along with a full list of links each time I do one of those videos. So, although the YouTube channel is going to be changing, the blog won’t see much change at all.

Thank you guys for your support!




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