Titanic Book Tag!

*If you have not seen James Cameron’s Titanic, don’t read this. Spoilers.*

I love Titanic (minus the language and scenes we skipped through). Seriously, this is my phone background:

And Jack Dawson embodies the way I want to live my adult life- with writing, not drawing.I cried so hard when he died. 

Anyway, this is the Titanic book tag. I couldn’t find one in English, so I had to translate from French. But here goes.

What series could you sell to buy your ticket for the Titanic?

Anne of Green Gables. Not sure why, but I’ve never really liked this series. I think it’s because I was like 6 when I read the first one, and that English does not match that of a little girl.

With what character would you like to share your room on board?
A hard one. But I think Cassia Reyes from Matched would be a good one.She has a great personality and we both love creating things, so I think we’d get along well.

With which character would you like to live a love story on the boat?

Just one? This is like picking favorite children. Although it has to be harder for writers, ’cause I’d marry Aldric Loyal without a second thought.

But Khalid from The Wrath and the Dawn. He is such an amazing man. He is loving and kind, yet stern and noble. And very loyal, and loyalty is extremely important to little Hufflepuff me.

The steamer is sinking, for what book would you return to your room, in order to save it, if it was the last copy in the world?

Easy. Entwined by Heather Dixon. No suprise there.

Do you have a book in your library that was published before the Titanic was wrecked? (April 1912)

Yes. A lot, actually, notably The Count of Monte Cristo and Pride and Prejudice.

What object of what book would you find in the pocket of your cloak after the wreck?

Katniss Everdeen’s mockingjay pin from The Hunger Games. It’s a symbol of rebellion against a government that cares about no one but themselves.
That’s it! Thanks for reading!



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