Heartless by Marissa Meyer Review

It’s no secret that Marissa Meyer is a fantastic writer. She’s best known for The Lunar Chronicles, and Heartless was no disappointment.

This is the story of how the Queen of Hearts, most famous for saying “off with his head”, became the woman we all know and love. And it was amazing. 

There is pure magic in Meyer’s writing. In Heartless, she conveyed the whimsy of Wonderland while still giving the novel a dark undertone. 

And the characters were marvelously crafted. Cath, our main character, was such an interesting character. She was flawed and very relatable. Her character development was some of the best I’ve ever read. 

Jest, the court Joker in the land of Hearts, was noble, but he maintained an air of mystery throughout most of the book. 

And Cath’s parents. Finally, there’s a family to rival the Dursleys. Ok, so maybe they’re not that bad. But they certainly didn’t support their daughter’s dreams of opening a bakery. 

The King of Hearts. Nothing against the guy, but you couldn’t pay me a million dollars to marry him. But at the same time, I loved him as a charcter. He was happy-go-lucky and downright hilarious.

It was a splendid novel. I laughed and cried and had a great time reading this book.

Happy New Year!


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