Favorite Songs Book Tag!

So I’m officially making it tag week (except for tomorrow; I have to do a wrap-up).

The idea behind this tag is that you pick your favorite songs and make up your own questions, using each song as inspiration. Here’s mine, and yes, they’re all French songs.

Laissez-les Kouma by Zaho: A book you love so much you really don’t care if people talk bad about it.

entwined cover

It’s my favorite book of all time! I have a review right here.

Quoi de Neuf? by Florent Mothe: A book that takes place on the moon or another planet.

winter cover

Most of it’s on the moon. It’s the conclusion to The Lunar Chronicles, and it’s completely amazing. Here’s my review of the series.

Nos Corps à la Dérive: A villain that’s romantically interested in the heroine. 

love having this in books, and it’s so much fun to write, but I honestly haven’t really read a lot of it. Tell me, please, if you know of any like this. I beg you.


The sons of the King Under Stone want to marry the 12 Dancing Princesses, and the trilogy is fantastic.

Le Monde Est Parfait: A book with a perfect world.

(I love Charlie Boisseau’s voice- I could listen to him forever and be perfectly happy.)

looking backward

Unless you have no choice, don’t waste your time reading this. It’s the dumbest book in existence. But “le monde est parfait” in this book.

Dernière Danse: A book with dancing.

Entwined again. And it really fits the song- the girls dance to mend their broken hearts.




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