Musings of a Teenage Writer: Algebra from my Perspective

Those Ancient Greeks had way too much free time. If you’ve got time to sit around and invent a torture device that would be used for the next few thousand years, you seriously need to get a life. Because if you don’t, there’ll be plenty of people hating you long after you’re dead.

Algebra is, in my personal opinion, the most useless and torturous thing in all of creation. It is a waste of my time, a waste of my brain, and is the most boring thing to ever happen. Every single adult I ask (save for my aunt who loves it) says that they never ever use algebra. Did you get that, oh gods of the school system? The adults I ask do not use algebra. At all. 

The conversations go something like this:

“Mrs. Smith, do you ever use algebra?”

“Oh, heavens no!!!”

Whose idea was it to teach useless information anyway? It gets in the way of writing. Of reading. Of hobbies. Of every little thing.

If you’re reading this and you love algebra, good for you. I respect that. But my views will not be changed.

Seriously, every time I sit down to do a math lesson I’m just like:

“Why do I have to do this? It’s completely useless to my writing career, okay? I. Don’t. Even. Care.”

And then I start singing this awesome French song (the title means “you’re gonna pay for it.”):


So that’s it. Algebra from the perspective of book-loving teen writer. Love you guys!



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