The Golden Braid

the golden braid

This is probably the most beautiful love story I have ever read in all my years of reading. I was a bit wary, since I’d heard that there was no magic in it. At all. And in my personal opinion, magic is what makes a good book extraordinary. This book didn’t need it to be wonderful.

If you haven’t already guessed, Melanie Dickerson’s The Golden Braid is a retelling of Rapunzel. But it doesn’t begin in a tower.

At the start of the book, Rapunzel and her mother, Gothel, move to the outskirts of Hagenheim, a large city in Germany. On the way, a knight by the name of Sir Gerek saves them from robbers. And slowly, Rapunzel realizes that she wants to break away from her mother- and in doing so, she discovers a life- and a love- she’d never before imagined.

I read this as quickly as I read Princess of the Silver Woods. This book blew my mind. The romance was just so well written, and to see a character go from cocky to kind because of love… Marvelous.

So I would suggest this to any fan of the medieval time period, romance, or fairy tales. Because it’s absolutely fantastic.



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