Scarlett: Sequel to Gone With the Wind

Gone With the Wind was good. Alexandra Ripley’s sequel, Scarlett, was incroyable. Amazing. Spectacular. Quite possibly the greatest non-fantasy novel I’ve ever read.

Gone With the Wind took me six months to read. Scarlett took me around three weeks, which is still a long time for me to read 800 pages, but still. Ripley left out the unimportant, boring parts, and there wasn’t three hundred pages of near-starvation.

What was really surprising was how interesting it was when Rhett was gone. If you read my review on Gone With the Wind, you know how bored I was when everyone’s favorite handsome blockade runner was gone. Not the case with Scarlett.

Ripley was true to Scarlett’s spirit and to Rhett’s. She added many new characters, each just as memorable as Mitchell’s.

And Ireland… A ton of the book takes place there, and although I’d never had that much of an interest in going there before this novel, Ripley has made me love it. She described it so vividly it was like going there.

And the parties…. I’ve got a thing for reading about high-society. Ripley transported me to the finest house parties in Dublin.

Seriously, you’ve got to read this book. It’s romantic, tense, and tout à fait génial.

-Clara Amelie Bennet


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