The Lone Princess of Tentaleigh

The Lone Princess of Tentaleigh is a fantasy novel by Lacie Perry Parker. The book originally came out in 2004, when Lacie was thirteen years old.

The novel follows Princess Layla of Tentaleigh, who basically hates her life. She’s a natural tomboy and would rather fence knights than do embroidery. So, with the help of her friend Prince Brydon (nicknamed Brye), she runs away. After fighting terrifying monsters, she returns home to find something she definitely didn’t bargain for…

I enjoyed the book; it only took me a few hours to read it. I picked up the book today, and seeing that Lacie was thirteen when she wrote it intrigued me. I wanted to see her writing skills. They’re awesome. Sure, she could have made the book longer and given more description, but it was a phenomenal story. I would have preferred more romance, but if you’re not a fan of romantic stuff, this would be perfect for you. (I absolutely love romance; my friends say I can’t write anything that doesn’t have it.)

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