Hey guys!

InkHeart is the first book in Cornelia Funke’s InkHeart trilogy, which is my all-time favorite series. Why? This story truly shows how powerful words can be, and how magical reading is.

Meet Meggie Folchart, the 12-year-old daughter of a bookbinder. What she doesn’t know is that her father has a special, magical ability: he can bring characters out of books by reading aloud. When she was just a toddler, Mo released villainous Capricorn, knife-loving Basta, and the fire-eater Dustfinger into the world. Now, years later, Dustfinger shows up again, and Meggie and her father are swept into the kind of adventure she’d only ever read about.

As extraordinary as this book is, you have to wait until about the sixth chapter for things to really get good. However, if you give it a chance, it’ll be one of your favorites by the time you’re done.


The Book Goddess


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