The 39 Clues: The Maze of Bones

The 39 Clues series, by various authors, is one of the greatest works of fiction I have ever read. It has realistic and believable characters, along with an intriguing plot and lots of adventure.

Amy Cahill (14) and her little brother, Dan (11), are members of the world’s most powerful family, but they don’t know about it until their grandmother, Grace, dies. Grace’s will sets in motion the greatest scavenger hunt in history- the hunt for 39 Clues, which are hidden around the world. Each Clue is an ingredient to a serum that will make the drinker the most powerful person in the world. Amy and Dan join the Hunt- but so do their many relatives. It’s up to them to keep the Clues out of the wrong hands!

If you’re not the biggest fan of reading, definitely check out the audio books. They are amazing! David Pittu is an award-winning actor, and he does the voices of the characters so well, it sounds like he has a cast.

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The Book Goddess’ Video on This Book!

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